Sunday, 28 May 2017

Main Provider of tDPT Education in Bangladesh

Academic Cooperation Between Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association & NUMSS (Spain)

The National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) and Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association (BPTA) have worked in the past two years to implement a campus based tDPT program in Bangladesh. The first postgraduate class of DPT (doctor of physical therapy) is starting this term in Bangladesh.

The tDPT education has become mandatory for BPTA members and in the next five years all physiotherapist members are required to obtain a tDPT degree, similar to the requirements of American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) in the states.
As NUMSS (Spain) is the largest provider of tDPT education in Europe & Asia, we have been asked by BPTA to provide this education to its members.

We are excited to be accepted as an accredited provider of tDPT education by Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association. Our goal is to help elevate the profession of physiotherapy in BD and improve the health of society there.

Please note that in 2017 the name of Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association (BPA) has been officially changed to Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association (BPTA).

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Another Research Paper by Dr Bordoni

Board of Governors member of National University of Medical Sciences, Italian physiotherapist & osteopath, Dr Bruno Bordoni, DPT, DO, who is the most published osteopathic researcher in the world has released another paper that has been published in the International Journal of Cardiopulmonary Medicine & Rehabilitation. The paper is called:

Depression, anxiety and chronic pain in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: the influence of breath

You can download the PDF article at:

Friday, 26 May 2017

NUMSS DO Student Writes to Dr Pourgol

A letter from Michaela Von Pfetten, DOMP:

Dear Dr. Pourgol,

Thank you again, for everything. Your lectures and instructions have been motivating and inspirational. The great atmosphere on campus carried and encouraged me. Everyone is always friendly and humorous, helpful, understanding and kind.

I appreciate your dedication to us, your students, tremendously. Whenever I had questions or concerns, you were available. Your business lectures are invaluable and truly priceless and I have been following them from day one.

I am honoured and happy to continue my studies with the DO program. The students I know who are also taking the DO program have only the best things to say about it. I am excited!

I think it was on the first or second lecture that you encouraged us to make a vision board. I made mine right away and the biggest picture was a print out of you and a former student, holding his diploma. One day, I knew, I was going to replace that picture with one of you and me, and my diploma. Mission accomplished, Sir!

There is a proverb along the lines of "people forget what you said to them but they will never forget how you made them feel" (or similar). With you, dear Dr. Pourgol, I will never forget the things you said, and I will never forget how you made me feel: You made me feel that I can do it! And so I did!

With gratitude and a big smile,


Thursday, 25 May 2017

NUMSS (Spain) Graduation day in Tehran

We wish to congratulate all Iranian DPT graduates of National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) who have studied hard to become doctors of physical therapy in Iran.

We know how hard it was for you, against all odds to successfully complete the program. We thank you for it and we are so proud of you all.

A big thanks also to Dr Farjoud Shokouhi, our first DPT graduate in Iran, who is a supreme member of the Medical Council of Iran, for organizing the graduation ceremony in Tehran.


Thursday, 18 May 2017

NUMSS New Physiology Teacher

National University of Medical Sciences is adding new physiology lectures to its curriculum.
Physician & manual osteopath, Dr Ernest Geid, MD, DOMP (a graduate of National Academy of Osteopathy) is now teaching new physiology lectures at NUMSS.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The First Doctoral Degree in Animal Osteopathy

We are in the process of setting up a doctorate program in canine and equine osteopathy at National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) and National University of Medical Sciences (USA).
Even though there are 1000s of manual osteopaths and chiropractors who provide care to animals, there has not been a doctoral level education available to them.
The program will be available only to health professionals.
We will provide more information soon.

Congratulations to Dr Bordoni, a member of our board of directors

Italian physiotherapist & osteopath, Dr Bruno Bordoni, DPT, DO, a member of board of directors of National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) and National University of Medical Sciences (USA) has done a research that is now published and available on Pubmed.
Dr Bordoni is one of the top researchers in the field of osteopathy and has published more osteopathy related articles than anyone else.